Tito Belgrave

Tito Belgrave

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First Name * Tito
Last Name * Belgrave
Username * lildragon
Country * Canada
City Toronto
Nationality Bajan [Barbadian]
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleTelevisonVFX
Preferred Tools CharactersMAYA3ds maxZBrushCinema 4DModelingTexturingRiggingPhotoshop


Website ispyr.com


For me it all started right here on this site. I first became a moderator here over six years ago around the same time I got into CG full time. As time passed and my involvement grew deeper, I became 'Director of Community Development' big title, but basically meant I managed the growth of the site, through my own contributions to the now famous CGChallenge. Now that I'm no longer the DCD, I was free to fully focus on my career.

Through the last six years I spent a great deal of time growing my skills in the industry, working at various studios on Television projects such as Veggie Tales & Handy Manny, all the way to featured animated film 'Everyone’s Hero'.

In 2007 I decided to open up Rustik Studios as a Creative Director, a small one man studio based in scenic Barrie, Ontario. I cater to Next Gen titles and live action TV/Film projects which challenge me as an artist on a day to day basis. Rustik Studios main focus is not to be a full service studio, but more a piece to your puzzle. I've dedicated my time and commitment to producing quality work for my clients.


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